Rate Card

  • $250 per client per hour for in-person consulting services @ office/in boardroom if more than one client present.

  • $200 per hour for all other services.

  • Pre-paid clients by appointment only. 

  • Quantity: average 100 w.p.m. regardless of textual complexity.

  • Turn-around time for project delivery on all pre-paid projects: 24 hours per minimum $1000 project (next business day) by PDF or Word document unless otherwise specified per contractual agreement. 

  • Error-free accuracy guarantee: $1 US refund per correction by client.

  • Minimum retainer: $1000 per project to get started.

  • Credit terms: 90 days for corporate clients only, on $10,000+ contracts.

  • All engagements beyond pre-paid hourly in person consultations require a duly executed legal agreement approved by author's legal counsel.

  • All services covered by LegalShield and IdentityShield.

  • To book an in-person consultation, please call the office.  

  • All major credit cards are accepted.

  • PayPal address annesudevos@gmail.com for international orders.
  • Invoicing via Wave Accounting.

Clients please note: if you do not have a contract number and an ink signature on a duly executed legal agreement reviewed and approved by our duly authorized legal counsel, you do not have a contract for service.

Billable time includes e-mail, online chat support, phone calls and in-person consultations.

We currently extend credit terms only to incorporated clients and not to individuals, regardless of their credit rating. Credit checks are routinely performed on all prospective client files but in order to receive credit ("start now, pay later" terms of service) you need to be incorporated. This is because our financing sources deal only with incorporated business clients.

If you are an individual who requires corporate or creative writing services and you wish to request credit terms, you may be able to book service through Independent Schooling Fund Association. Priority consideration is given if you are a member, a community stakeholder (crowd funding platform sponsor) or a staff member at an ISF member school.

Thank you for your understanding.